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Motorists object to unused mobile toilet at parking space near Vasco Railway station


While motorists struggle to find parking space in the port town, an unused mobile toilet has occupied a fair bit of parking space near the Vasco railway station. According to sources, the unused mobile toilet has been lying in the area for quite some time.
“People approach the mobile toilet only to realise that it is non-functional and they start urinating by the side, which has left heavy stench of urine around the mobile toilet,” complained a source.
A resident Feroz Shaikh has demanded that the MMC remove the toilet to make space for parking of four-wheelers. “The toilet has not been cleaned not used. It is lying and no one is bothered. This runs contrary to the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan inaugurated by all government agencies this week,” said Feroz shaikh
MMC Chief Officer Agnelo Fernandes informed reporters that the toilet was stationed at the site during Saptah but was not taken away. “It has been got to my notice that the toilet is still lying there near the railway station. I have already directed my sanitary inspector to go on the site and check the area and submit a report.”
“I have also told him to get it removed immediately if it is not being used or causing inconvenience. I will check why it was not removed after Saptah,” said Fernandes.