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A call to save River Tar: Mapusa Youth


The youth of Mapusa have raised their strong concerns over the polluted Tar River which is being used for the immersion of Ganesh idols. The organisation has demanded the municipality to take some initiative and clean up the river which has been littered with all types of garbage. They have also appealed to take action against those discharging their sewage water into the river. The youth of Mapusa have also decided to give a memorandum to the health department over the issue.

President  of  Mapusa Youth, Gaurish Keni supported by social activist and Goencho Avaz member Ravi Harmalkar, North Goa Congress commitee President Vijai Bhike and member Mahableswar Toroskar, along with members of Mapusa Youth visited  the spot where the accumulated  garbage had polluted the river.

Meanwhile, North Goa Congress block President, Vijay Bhike said that he was aspiring to contest for the Mapusa by elections. He said that he will solve the issue within a month if the people give him a chance.